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Onshore Development

Today's business environment is competitive, complex and unpredictable. Organizations must have the flexibility to quickly respond to opportunity and continually drive productivity across their organization.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need expertise beyond your core capabilities and quick access to the right talent to deliver the outcome you need to achieve more. That's why organization are turning to IT Outsourcing Services.


GMA provide outcome-based talent-driven outsourcing of operations, functions and services to enhance flexibility and drive productivity. Built upon our deep recruiting experience and our expertise in crafting outsourcing solutions, we deliver the development teams you need to keep ahead in a demanding world.

  1. Are you tired of negotiating software contract conditions for each project of release?

  2. Are you frustrated by high overhead costs, high staff rotation in project team, or a steep learning curve when you seek software solutions?

  3. Need to change requirements on the fly while improving your company's Time-To-Market (TTM)?

With GMA's Development Team you enjoy:

  • Shorter negotiation cycles per requirement project or release

  • A team of skilled developers that learns your requirement and business domain

  • Flexibility to adapt your business software immediately as soon as business need is identified

  • Lower rates compared to fixed-cost projects.

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